September 7, 2009

Autumn craft fairs around the corner

Okay, so now I am hooked or threaded, whichever is the correct acronym for a beadaholic! No matter where I go, I google for the nearest bead shop. Athough, my favorite is Tatnuck Bead Company in Westborough, MA. Yeah, about an hour and a half away, but they have great classes and the customer service is great. And they have a rewards card and now a bulk discount, which is heaven for us beaders who sell their work.

Since I am a newbie at selling my work. I have to do a lot of research before I start mass producing. The hardest part when you are a new seller is where can you sell and how much to sell your piece. What IS the formula when pricing a piece you worked hard on? Those questions to be answered in my next blog posting...stay tuned!

Meanwhile, think about this to remember - whatever the art - jewelry, cake decoration, painting, pottery - only you know the true value of what your art is worth because you put in the hours to create it. A customer only knows what they see and their value will be much lower, unless they themselves are a craftsperson. So don't be discouraged if someone wants you to discount your piece. Look at it as your selling point. And if you put in a lot of time and effort for that work of art, don't sell yourself short. There will always be the right buyer and even if it is the buyer in front of you who wants you to take off a few dollars. In that case, make sure that customer gets your business card. There's nothing like word of mouth!

Well, ta for now. I'm headed for my favorite suppliers website to order, you guessed it, more beads. I'd like to recreate Monet's Garden with various shades of one colour. And I made another design and it's a big hit so I need to make more...there is a craft show coming up and I'm reserving a table. I will also write an entry of the rules of a craft fair, since this will be my first one, I'm sure to learn a lot!

Anyone who'd like to share their stories or favorite bead pattern, please contact me.

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