July 29, 2013

Oh Google - and you think this has nothing to do with you?

Ok -  am I now Google challenged?  I've conquered Facebook (almost) so now my Google blog has me blind and baffled.

My last blog entry, Where is my Cerulean sweater?, was removed.  It was about the skinny, no pun intended, on the fashion industry and how it dictates what colors we wear for each season.  And if you were like me in 2006, you flocked to the theaters to see The Devil Wears Prada starring Meryl Streep and Anne Hathaway.  

Actually, I was less fashion conscious then.  Not to mention cheap, so I rented it on DVD from Red Box.  I immediately loved the movie.  I truly identified with Andy that much - or at least for her early lack of fashion sense - I emptied my quarter jar and purchased a copy for my home library.

So you ask what happened to my missing blog?  Well, it seems I was editing but I was too good at it.  I erased it - accidently.  The long hours spent on how to insert smart tags and video clips were just that - long hours.

And the duh factor?  IT explanation:  In this day and age of cloud and virtual storage it is still wise to back up your work.

IT man (my husband) is nodding his head in affirmation.

So, I will leave you with my favorite clip of The Devil Wears Prada.   In this scene, Amanda Priestly scathingly explains the color cerulean (which are variations of blue - another duh - who knew?) to a then fashion challenged Andy.  It's over two minutes, which is long in the film editing world, but a brilliant scene. 

This one clip taught me so much more about fashion. 

What it is.  And what it is not. 

And now that I design and create my own jewelry, I find myself, a former expert tree climbing devotee in my youth,  eager to keep up with what I thought I'd never do - FASHION!

Yes my wardrobe still looks like it comes from a What Not To Wear closet or a Casual Corner bargain basement bin -  but at least I can now say I do appreciate fashion -  and the color cerulean. 

And what of the new neon color way that is now trending for this fall season? 

...I'd  rather climb a tree,

but after I get my nails done.