August 18, 2009

Welcome to Doraji Designs

Well, it's a day to beach and I mean to my favorite haunt Hampton Beach. I plan a relaxing vacation with family but I'm also on the lookout for a bead shop. Have you heard that familiar mantra, fellow beaders? "Don't worry,....BEAD happy!" I will scout around for ideas, take plenty of photos that will intrigue my creative sense and let the colours flourish into my jewelry. There is nothing like art or artful people to put colour into our gray human existance! So my thanks to all the artisans who have taught and inspired me to continue beading. It is truly an addiction!!!

By the way, the photo of the bracelet, aptly named Monet's Garden, on my blogspot is my creation but the credit to the design goes to my instructor. It is truly a remarkable design and easy to craft because her instruction handout was very detailed and complete.

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