August 28, 2010

Knit One, Purl Many

So this blog is not just about jewelry and beading. For those who like the rubbing of two needles together to form a warm woolly creation, let's talk about knitting!

I learned how to knit when I was about 10 years old.  Sitting side by side with my sister, 2 years younger, we'd watch our grandmother [Bobchee] patiently teach us how to knit and crochet.  My sister and I knitted on the same scarf together.  I knitted loose and my sister knitted tight.  So the finished product looked like a repeasted bow tie pattern!  It was a trial and error first attempt but our Bobchee was pleased with our lessons.  I know this because one day,  she pulled it out to show me that she still treasured our wonky scarf.  After she passed away, the scarf might have met its end.  My grandmother saved everything so I'm sure there was a large "toss" pile and a itty bitty "save" pile on cleaning day.  I thank her every day I grap for my neeles for sharing her gift.

After many years, and if it were not for the love of beads, I picked up knitting again.  I was driving down a main street in a town close to my work and noticed to my right the Bayberry Knitting shop.  And I'm always one to patronize local small shops as well as big bargain basements!  So, I found myself walking into a mirage of colorful fiber, warm welcomes and COFFEE!  I immediately signed up for a class to knit a scarf with what else?  BEADS!  So there you see is the start of my creating - combining my love of beads and my desire to take up a craft that our Bobchee lovingly taught us girls so long ago. 
For the Fringed Scarf pattern, I used size 8 bamboo needles, 6mm metallic bronze beads and fingering or sock yarn.  In my class I also learned how to do Long Tail casting which you can learn step by step online at another favorite website of mine -  I bought the beads at a local shop but if you are an avid beader or want to make scarves like this to sell on a site like Etsy, which promotes selling and buying handmade goods, I'd recommend buying in bulk.  I use websites like Fire Mountain Beads or check with your local bead store to see if they will order in bulk for you. Some do to retain your business! 

But be careful! Buying beads or yarn can be addictive!

Guarantee - you will end up with a stash in no time!   A stash starts off in a small box and then expands into large multi-drawer plastic cube that live in each room of your house.  Or like in my house, one full closet of bead and yarn devotion!  That's why a site like Etsy or EBay can be useful.  You can sell off the stuff you don't want to make room for future stash - but that topic deserves its own blog entry! 

NEXT?  How to organize your projects and stash!   In the meantime - for you knitters and crochet demons - checkout Raverly.  It 's a useful global community website that was created by a woman, aided by her programmer husband, to provide support and personally, my own validation for the love of needles and wool to the world!  So if you become a member, add me as a friend - Doraji Design or email me

Cheers and go on now - CREATE! <3 Dora

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